About Our Company

For us, quality is always paramount

I have worked as an anaesthetist for about 20 years and have experience from over 70 hospitals across Germany. For me, delivery of the best possible patient care takes centre stage in the activities of our company.

DAD Consulting Berlin is a partnership of anaesthetic, intensive care, acute medicine, pain management and palliative care consultants from nine European countries. We advise and support hospitals in their endeavour to optimise performance in theatre and on the intensive care unit. With our support, hospitals can optimise both productivity and quality of services within their current financial framework. DAD Consulting Berlin is defined by continuous interdisciplinary cooperation and outstanding competence in both patient management and consulting qualification.

Together with my team, I strive to improve the hospital as a workplace and I look forward to sharing my experience with you.


Founder DAD Consulting Berlin

Michał Marcin Poprawski

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Our values

Our common humanity

We regard every human being as unique in body, mind and spirit, we take a holistic view, and perceive every individual within their social context and reality.

High quality medical care appropriate to every patient’s specific life circumstances is the ultimate aim of all our medical endeavours and interventions.


We support your legal obligations to optimise and integrate medical care provision for inpatients and outpatients. We support human-centred increase of productivity and help ensure that the optimal utilisation of the given resources provides the best possible care for your patients.

Excellent communication

Within the realm of our responsibility, we aim to implement a culture defined by open discussion and a cooperative approach to finding and implementing optimal solutions.

We thereby ensure that during our on-calls, all crucial information is passed quickly and reliably to all relevant stakeholders.

We ensure that information about problems is passed to all those required to provide the solutions.


“There is some good in everything”.

We firmly believe in a “no blame culture” in hospitals to enable a “culture of learning” where mistakes are regarded as common learning opportunities and improve safety and performance in order to improve the quality and safety of service provision across the whole system.

DAD Consulting Berlin

Towards sustained improvement of quality in health care.


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Evidence-based perioperative medicine

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Modern intensive care medicine

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Expert acute medicine

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Applied quality management

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Innovation management

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High safety standards

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Profound professional experience in hospital medicine

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Quality improvement and clinical governance competence

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Outstanding communication competence in German, English and Arabic

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Professional service

Directorate of DAD Consulting Berlin

Michał Marcin Poprawski

Clinical Lead Anaesthetics
Chief Executive (CEO)

Ali Ghazi

Director of Sales

María Contreras Padílla

Clinical Lead Intensive Care
Clinical Governance

Dr. David Swiatlowski

Program Director