Consulting in Intensive Care Medicine

Consulting in Intensive Care Medicine

Patients with the highest risk of complications and the highest mortality are cared for on the ICU. It is our job as DAD Consultants to guarantee an efficient world-class level of care for those patients in need of specific medical, nursing care or monitoring.

We are available to organise lectures or workshops for groups or individuals. Discreetly and professionally, we can adjust these offerings to your very individual requirements.

Michał Kamiński

Specialist Consultant Intensive Care

Our Offer

1. Supporting hospitals to obtain Modular Certification in Intensive Care Medicine by DAD Consulting Berlin (Certification of the Intensive Care Unit according to the German Quality Standard)

2. Online ICU ward round and 24h ECMO hotline / 24-hour support and advice by senior ICU Consultants for your intensive care unit via telemedicine

3. Implementation and maintanace of Extracorporal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)

4. Workshops in Intensive Care Medicine:

Our unique competencies have emerged from our national and international experience with different diagnostic and therapeutic concepts in different hospitals providing different levels of care. These competences include: an analytic, strategic and multidisciplinary approach, an appreciation of health and hospital economy, outstanding communication and leadership skills and our ability and willingness to share both theoretical knowledge, as well as practical abilities and techniques with our medical and non-medical colleagues on the intensive care unit.

Our mission is to promote and restore health while maintaining the dignity and autonomy of our patients

We provide you with the opportunity to reposition your hospital within an ever-shifting health economy and we support and advise you on any required restructuring process in your hospital. As an independent and experienced team, we are quick to integrate into your existing network and discuss and evaluate development goals in accordance with your hospital’s local operational environment.

We support and advise your implementation of new techniques of organ support and diagnostics on the ICU in line with all the relevant national and European guidelines with both tutorials and bedside teaching.

We are committed to best medical practice

Our basic proposition is the responsible utilisation of existing resources:

Quality that endures

Experience that delivers

Methods that are evidence-based