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Telesupervision (also known as distance supervision) can be used in the following ways:

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Numerous systematic reviews confirm the positive effects of telemedicine on patient mortality and duration of ICU stays and demonstrate improved patient safety and quality of care, particularly through stringent adherence to guideline, and reduction of medication errors. Ultimately, it is possible to reduce average treatment costs.

The profound effects of telemedical care are not only limited to hospitalisation periods, but is also apparent in the follow-up care situation. The number of surviving patients increases while the proportion of patients in need of longer-term care decreases.

Dr. Eike Thieme

Senior Consultant Anaesthetics


Positive aspects of telemedicine-based intensive care intervention at a glance:

DAD Consulting Berlin is a collaboration of medical specialist partners working on equal terms from Europe specialising in intensive care medicine. Real-time data exchange in audio-video conferences, transmission of vital parameters, as well as the transfer of electronic documentation, such as lab data, imaging programs, and doctors’ letters, gives us a shared, unified view of your patients.

We conduct daily consultations and, in the case of particular issues, also provide specific specialist consultation. Our aim is to optimise patient care by cooperating between medical facilities and to share experience. The specialised expertise of our centre can be made available around the clock, to even the most remote regions of the world, supporting the care of your patients close to where they live.

Dr. Michaela Leclère

Senior Specialist Intensive Care