Modular Certification for the Intensive Care Unit

Excellence and organisation motivate us

Anaesthetists interact with all other hospital departments. Excellence and outstanding infrastructure and organisation in emergency care and preoperative medicine give rise to calm and confidence across all specialties and motivate all professionals to give their best every day.

Are you content yet or do you want to improve further?

Acquire certification of your ICU according to the German national standard.

PhD Dr. Gerhard Kuhnle

Partner DAD GmbH Berlin

How do we do this? Our five-step program

Transparency and mutual learning combined with absolute confidence among stakeholders ensure the success of our evaluation and implementation of our quality improvement initiatives.


In an extensive SWOT analysis, we identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and threats for your intensive care unit.


We define aims and aspirations with you.


We define these aims and aspirations in the specific context of your intensive care unit and develop a tailored implementation plan.


We support you during the implementation process. If desired, we can take over specific leadership roles during the implementation process.


We audit outcomes and performance during and after implementation of change.

Milestone: certification in Intensive Care Medicine - an example

1. SWOT and process analysis.
Crucial processes on the ICU:

And many more according to local needs and preferences

2. Developing a “program of change”

3. Implementing the “program of change”

4. Auditing the results after introducing the “program of change”