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Come to us if your medical staff need a consultation, substantive support or seek a second opinion. Digital Help provides specialist assistance to hospitals all over the world. We are indispensable if quick and professional assistance is needed. In particular, we provide assistance to interdisciplinary units of intensive care and anaesthesiology clinics.

Online anaesthetics consulting

We offer assistance in preparing patients for anaesthesia, post-anaesthetic appointments and consulting on difficult clinical cases.

Online ICU consulting

We provide all-round support to ICU teams.

Do you need assistance of experienced doctors?

Digital help

We provide immediate assistance in crisis situations.

Online Ward Rounds

We will conduct online ward rounds for intensive care units.

Complex assistance

Our team comprises very experienced anaesthesiologists and intensive care doctors.

Always available

Our hotline operates 24/7/365.

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Intensive Care Unit

Efficient Management of the ICU

Operating Theatre

Efficient Management of the OR. Preparing the patient for anaesthesia


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